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Zakopane Krupowki street

December 2020 - New Year period in Zakopane during the coronavirus pandemic

26 December, 2020 Barbara

Unfortunately, I do not have any good news for those planning to spend the New Year period in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. Between 28th of December and 17th of January all the hotels, ski slopes, restaurants, museums, shopping galleries will be closed :(.

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open market Pod Gubalowka

August 2020 - holidays in Zakopane during the coronavirus pandemic

01 August, 2020 Barbara

The 1st of August is the middle of the holiday. Zakopane and the hiking trails in the Tatra National Park are really crowded. In restaurants, shops, and in front of the entrances to various tourist attractions (even to the National Park!), we have to wait in long lines. I'm sorry to say that most tourists have completely forgotten about the epidemic.

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Goryczkowa ski slope

Is it worth to visit Zakopane during the coronavirus outbreak?

13 March, 2020 Barbara

With great regret, I advise you NOT to come to Zakopane during the next weeks because most of the attractions (including all trails in the Tatra National Park) are closed.

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sleigh ride in snowy day

Discover Chocholowska sleigh rides on the pictures

6 January, 2020 Barbara

All the pictures presented in this photo gallery were taken in the Tatra National Park during the trips Discover Chocholowska sleigh ride, organized by me since 2012. Most of the photos I took myself, a few photos I received from our customers...

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panoramic view from the Antalowka Hill

10 BEST places with scenic views in Zakopane and the area

27 December, 2019 Barbara

Here is a list of 10 places in Zakopane and the surrounding area, from which there is a great view of the Tatra Mountains. All these places can be reached by car, cable car, funicular or chairlift.

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malta flag

Zakopane became like our second home

25 December, 2019 Rose-Anne from Malta

My family and I are frequent travellers but when we visit Zakopane all of us dream of visiting again just after we leave. We fell in love with Zakopane and it became like our second home. We always book a chalet which allows us the freedom of the family atmosphere. We love to cook breakfast in the morning while snowing outside. The atmosphere is unbelievable.

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Christmas Crib in Zakopane

Zakopane Christmas Crib in Bernardine's Church

24 December, 2019 Barbara

Christmas Nativity Scene inside the Bernardins church - dozens of moving figures, a moving cable car to Kasprowy Wierch, a retinue of the Three Kings, numerous animals and ringing bells in the mini church tower will certainly delight every child and most adults.

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Tatra Guide Helena Gasienica-Roj

Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains by Helena Gasienica-Roj

5 December, 2019 Helena Roj

Like everywhere in the World the highlander's culture is different from other regions. The specific environment where these people live from centuries, makes their language, customs and their architecture unique in Poland

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smoked sheep's cheese oscypek

10 BEST foods to try in Zakopane

30 November, 2019 Barbara

The most iconic food in our region is smoked sheep's cheese oscypek (photo on the left). It tastes great grilled with a touch of cranberry jam.

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Zakopane Krupowki Street

Zakopane Krupowki Street

5 November, 2019 Barbara

Some people say that Krupowki is the ugliest street in Poland, others think it is one of the prettiest. No doubt Krupowki is a very popular street and probably one of the best-known streets in our country.

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hiking traials in the Tatra National Park

10 BEST hikes to do in the Tatra Mountains

12 October, 2019 Barbara

There are 275 km of marked tourist trails located in the Tatra National Park from very easy to extremely difficult ones.

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beautiful park in the centre of Zakopane

10 BEST places to visit in Zakopane and the area

2 September, 2019 Barbara

Today I have prepared a list of my favourite places in Zakopane and the vicinity. Some of them are very popular places, some are known mainly to the local people.

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Kasprowy Wierch cable car

Kasprowy Wierch on the pictures

2 September, 2019 Barbara

Kasprowy Wierch is one of the most popular places to visit in the Tatra National Park - for hikers in summer, for skiers and snowboarders in winter and for everyone who likes to admire beautifully views all year round.

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10 BEST things to do in Zakopane and the area

2 September, 2019 Barbara

The most popular things to do in Zakopane are hiking, skiing, sleigh rides, snowmobile rides, cable car trip to Kasprowy Wierch, Dunajec Gorge rafting...

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