DUNAJEC RIVER GORGE RAFTING - pontoons and kayaks:

.: The river Dunajec, on the section from the town of Sromowce Niżne to the spa Szczawnica, flows calmly, and its difficulty is valued at WW1-2 (easy) on a 6-point scale. The biggest attraction of rafting down the Dunajec river (on traditional wooden rafts, on kayaks or on pontoons) is the Dunajec Gorge - one of the most beautiful river gorges in Europe. I recommend traditional rafting on the wooden rafts to everyone - regardless of age and physical fitness. Rafting down the Dunajec River on pontoons is a good choice for families with older children and people who are looking for more active forms of recreation. Kayaking through the Dunajec Gorge is the most challenging option, recommended for people with some experience in kayaking.

kayaking on the dunajec river

DUNAJEC RIVER RAFTING on the kayaks (above) or pontoon (below)

pontoon rafting on the dunajec river

.: If you like an additional thrill choose the pontoon (or kayak) option which let you spend two hours ride through the spectacular Dunajec Gorge in a more active way with a lot of fun and... wet clothes.

  • 9.30 - a departure from Zakopane - our bus leaves from the car park at Balzera 19 Street and stops at several stops in Zakopane,
  • 11.00 - a short stop in the tiny village of Debno Podhalanskie and visiting the XV century wooden chapel - the only monument in our region which is on the UNESCO list,
  • 11.45 - an hour and a half stop in the village of Niedzica, situated on the former Polish Hungarian border, with the 14th-century Hungarian castle (visiting the castle is not included) and the modern dam on the river, which is a nice viewpoint,
  • 13.15 - drive to the nearby town of Sromowce Niżne - matching life jackets, helmets and oars, short training on shore, before rafting,
  • 13.45 - rafting down the Dunajec Gorge on kayaks or pontoons,
  • 15.45 / 16.15 - free time in the spa town of Szczawnica,
  • 17.00 - departure to Zakopane,
  • 19.00 - arrival in Zakopane.

Important! Don't forget the towel and dry clothes to change after rafting!
Important! The order of attractions may change depending on the weather and the tourist traffic at the marina. On rainy days the Chapel in Debno Podhalanskie is closed for visitors.

TRIP PRICE: 142 PLN for adults and 111 PLN for kids under 10. The price includes: coach transfer, rafting, tour leader, entrance to the church.
You can easily book the trip online - Dunajec Gorge Rafting on the pontoons / Dunajec Gorge Rafting on the kayak or directly in the STRAMA Tourist Office:

I highly recommend the STRAMA company, which has been organizing bus day trips for many years. Strama trips are organized with coaches with air conditioning, and the groups are looked after by the guides. Although sightseeing information is provided in Polish, tourists receive basic information printed in English and the tour-leaders are always ready to help.

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