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skiing in zakopane

How to rent a ski equipment in Zakopane?

ski hirePolish name for SKI RENTAL is WYPOŻYCZALNIA NART.
Most rental packages include skis, boots and poles. You should be able to choose from beginner or performance skis. Special packages are available for junior skiers. Helmets may be available for an additional charge. Ski jackets and pants are available in Zakopane in one ski rental only (at the Nosal ski centre).

Ski Rental Pricing: rental equipment prices depending on the type of equipment you are renting, where you are renting from and how long you are renting it for. Some packages start as low as 25 PLN per day, others can cost 60 PLN or more.

Even it is sometimes cheaper to rent the equipment for a week I suggest to rent it every day and return after skiing for you don't have to carry heavy skis and boots to your hotel, and back to the slope.

  • in most of the ski rentals you'll be asked to leave your passport or driving license as a deposit for the rented equipment
  • children under 16 years old are obliged to wear helmets while skiing or snowboarding
    The following is a list of what you will need to wear (buy or borrow):
  • Gloves
  • Hat or helmet (recommended)
  • Long underwear
  • Ski socks
  • Ski pants and jacket
  • Goggles
The only one place in Zakopane offering SKI CLOTHES for rent is located at the Nosal Ski Centre!