practical information on the town of Zakopane and the region (since 2003)
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Leśniczówka u Zięby

OSCYPEK is the most famous cheese from the Tatra Mountains

that immediately brings Tatra Mountains and Podhale region into mind. Ocsypek is produced from the milk of Polish Mountain Sheep, Due to the limited opportunity of collecting sheep's milk (between the end of April and beginning of October), the production of oscypek is possible only in this period. Insofar as cow's milk is used in the production. Oscypek has the shape of a double cone. Its middle (widest) part is cylindrical and decorated. Oscypek is hard and flexible, characterised by a smoky smell and a slightly salty taste.

Recommended restaurants in Zakopane

  • U Wnuka / regional inn / the oldest restaurant in Zakopane - Kościeliska 8
  • Dobra Kasza Nasza - delicious groats baked in oven - Krupówki 48
  • Gospoda Kolibecka - tasty roasted trout, dumplings with spinach and żurek soup - Jana Pawla rondabout
  • Karczma Sabała / regional inn / tasty meals and good highlanders band - Krupówki 11
  • Bąkowo Zohylina Wyżnio / regional inn / we recommend highlanders mixed plates for 2-4 people - Piłsudskiego 28a
  • Samanta / cafeteria / large selection of desserts Witkiewicza 2
  • Edo Sushi / japanese food / catering with free delivery +48 724 710 724Droga Na Bystre 4A
  • Da Adamo - the best pizza in Zakopane - Nowotarska 10d
  • Trattoria Adamo / italian food / - very friendly, English speaking staff; comfortable interior - Plac Niepodległości 1
  • Gospoda Podkowa - tasty and cheap meals - Nowotarska 7
  • Cefeteria Żarneccy - the best icecream in Zakopane - Krupówki 48
  • Restaurant in Hotel Litwor - one of the best and most expensive restaurants in Zakopane - Krupówki 40
  • Gazdówka Zohylina /modern regional inn/ lunch (different dish every day) for 20PLN - Strążyska 3
  • Leśniczówka u Zięby - small, cosy restaurant with nice garden - entrance to Chocholowska Valley

Chata Zbójnicka

CHATA ZBÓJNICKA - be ready for some craziness...

Chata Zbójnicka, hidden in the forest, out of the busy Krupowki, next to the Aquapark and only 200 metres far from the bus station, is a place worth to visit. It is recommended for young and old tourists, looking for good meal and fun, but rather don't take your kids with you for they can be a bit frightened.
Have a look at one of our client opinion: The strangest, most fun, and most unique restaurant I've ever been to in the world. It's not for everyone. Extremely fun, but be ready for some craziness. Be sure to wear a tie and see what happens.

A great experience and worth the short walk off the Zakopane main street.