Dogs in the Tatra National Park

the most important fact you should know before coming to Zakopane with dog is that walking dogs is not allowed in the Tatra National Park.
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The only places in the Tatra National Park where you can go with your dog are:

Droga pod Reglami (Road under Regle) - from the bottom of the ski-jumping hill Wielka Krokiew to the entrance of the Koscieliska Valley. Almost 9km long, fairly wide path (after rain it can be slippery), without high elevations, easily accessible in summer and winter. Droga pod Reglami passes on the very Tatra National Park border, partly through the forest, partly between the forest and fields.
Dolina Chocholowska (Chocholowska Valley) - picturesque valley, located in the Western Tatras. Almost 8 km long - at the end of the valley there is a large mountain shelter where you can relax and enjoy a tasty meal.

Note! In July and August as well as and in spring when the crocuses are blooming, the valley is very crowded so if you decide to walk your dog there please do it early morning, before 9 am, or in the afternoon, after 5 pm.


Dogs friendly hotels in Zakopane

where to stay in Zakopane with a dog?
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Dogs allowed hotels, cottages, apartments in Zakopane:

There are plenty of dogs friendly hotels, cottages, apartments and guest houses in Zakopane. You can easily book them on the In the near future I will try to post here my list of recommended hotels and cottages, where you come with a dog.

The best places to walk your dog in Zakopane

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Where to walk your dog in Zakopane?:


During summer walks with the dog, be very careful if you see a flock of sheep. Shepherd dogs that guard them can be very aggressive towards your dog.


Zakopane - vet, hotels for dogs, pet shops

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Must to know before coming to Zakopane with a dog:

TATRAVET - VETERINARY CLINIC - Zakopane, Staszica 5b
ZOO HOTEL - PETS HOTEL in Zakopane - Zakopane, 27 Walkosze St.
PUFIK - PETS HOTEL near Zakopane - Poronin, 11 Jesionowka St.

If you like to hike in the Tatra National Park (dogs not allowed), the best idea is to leave your dog in a dog hotel.


Dogs friendly restaurants in Zakopane

Several restaurants, pubs and cafes in Zakopane are dogs friendly, but in most restaurants dogs are not allowed.
Tatra Mountains

Dogs allowed and recommended restaurants, pubs in Zakopane:

  • CZIKAGO Grill Bar&Pizza Zakopane, 21 Witkiewicza St.
  • GOSPODA KOLIBECKA inn Zakopane, 1b Przewodników Tatrzańskich St.
  • VILLA TOSCANA RESTAURANT Zakopane, 10 Sienkiewicza St.
  • KARCZMA (inn) SABALA Zakopane, 11 Krupowki St.
  • KARCZMA (inn) PO ZBOJU Zakopane, 22 Krupowki St.
  • STEK CHALUPA INN Zakopane, 33 Krupowki St.
  • STARO IZBO inn Zakopane, 28 Krupowki St.
  • KARCZMA (inn) ZAPIECEK Zakopane, 43 Krupowki St.
  • CAFE (and pub) PIANO Zakopane, 63 Krupowki St.
  • PUB NA KONCU SWIATA (at the end of the world) Zakopane (centre :), 10 Witkiewicza St.
  • PUB SEAGRAM'S Zakopane, 34 Krupowki St.

Before bringing my dog to the restaurant, I always go in first and ask the staff for permission.



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