Witów and Chocholow are two Podhale villages located on the route from Zakopane to Slovakia. In Witów there is the entrance to the beautiful Chocholowska Valley and the Witow ski center with a chairlift and a snow park. Just between Witów and Chocholow are located wonderful thermal pools, Chocholowskie Termy. Chocholow, on the other hand, is a beautiful, tiny village called a living open-air museum. You can see here almost 100 highlander cottages built at the end of 19th or beginning of the 20th century and still used by the village inhabitants. Accommodation in guest houses in Chocholow check here and Witow check here is cheaper than in Zakopane. Below I present practical information for tourists planning holidays in Witow or Chocholow:

Zakopianka - road from Krakow to Zakopane
How to get to Poronin and Murzasichle?


Poronin and Murzasichle - useful information for tourists

Chocholow and Witow has no direct connection to Krakow or Katowice. When planning a stay in one of these villages, you can come by bus or train to Zakopane (how to get to Zakopane ), and then go to Chocholow or Witow by local minibus or taxi. You can also order direct transport from the airport (check here ) or rent a car at the airport (check here ) I recommend this option.
Getting around Chocholow and Witow - in my opinion, when planning a stay in one of these villages, it is worth having a car (your own or rented).
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How to pronounce Chocholow?
How to pronounce Chocholow?


Chocholow and Witow - useful information for tourists

It is worth knowing that the name of the village of Chochołów (or Chochołowska Valley) has nothing to do with chocolate. The Polish "CH" is pronounced completely differently than "CH" in English and sounds almost identical to the English "H". If you like you can check the correct pronunciation of the word Chochołów here . Detailed information about the Polish alphabet along with funny examples can be found on this website

Cottages Plazowka

COTTAGE PLAZOWKA / WITOW 8km from Zakopane

Witow, Plazowka

The Cottage Plazowka is a historic, wooden, completely independent chalet located in the picturesque Polana Plazówka (Plazowka Clearing), which is one of the most charming places in our region. The cottage offers two bedrooms (2 and 3 persons), a living room with a fireplace and a sofa bed, a kitchen, a bathroom and a porch with a beautiful view of the Western Tatras. The Plazowka cottage is surrounded by a garden with a gazebo with a grill and a swing overlooking the Tatra Mountains. The area is extremely quiet, there are only a few houses and a historic church nearby.

I recommend this lovely cottage to tourists with a car for there is no bus stop nearby.

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