Szymoszkowa chair-lift

ZAKOPANE the BEST WALKS - ROUTE 1: Gubalowka and the old town.

a must on a sunny day (aprox. 2-3 hrs.) / available all year round

Suggested START POINT: tiny bridge in the middle of Krupówki Street. Walk down the Krupowki Street and through the open-air local market to the Gubalowka funicular station. Take the funicular up to the top of Gubałówka, after the panoramic walk along the Gubalowka (aprox. 2km) take the chair lift down the Polana Szymoszkowa (on the picture) and walk back to the town - first follow the Powstańców Śląskich street, then along Kościeliska street - visit on the way the Zakopane Style Museum in Villa Koliba (closed on Mon and Tue) and the XIXth century wooden church with the historic cemetary Peksowy Bzyzek, near Krupowki Street.

I suggest to visit Gubalowka early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds

Zakopane Koziolek Matolek

ZAKOPANE the BEST WALKS - ROUTE 2: Upper Zakopane

aprox. 3 hrs, available all year round

Suggested START POINT: tiny bridge in the middle of Krupówki Street. Follow the Piłsudskiego street (at the crossroads with Tetmajera street - Kornel Makuszyński's Museum with a pretty figure of the polish most famous goat Koziolek Matolek / on the picture) up to the ski jumping hill Wielka Krokiew (you can take a chairlift to the top to admire the view over the town). Then turn to the right and along the fence of the ski jumping area (Snowlandia in winter) walk up to the black marked track Ścieżka (patch) Pod Reglami and follow it for 400 meters and then turn to the right again and through the forest walk to Droga do Bialego Street and to the Grunwaldzka street. On the right in the City Park you will find a large playground and a Culture Center Jutrzenka with an interesting exhibition of the children's works of art - mainly traditional local techniques of glass painting, available for sale. You can cross the park to go back to the start point or follow the Grunwaldzka, Orkana and Kasprusie Streets to visit the museum of the famous polish composer Karol Szymanowski at Villa Atma.

Zakopane wooden chapel in Jaszczurowka and willa pod Jedlami

ZAKOPANE the BEST WALKS - ROUTE 3: following Stanislaw Witkiewicz

approx.4-5 hrs / available all year round

  • START: 18 Koscieliska Street in front of the Koliba villa, the first building erected to Stanisław Witkiewicz’s design in the Zakopane Style (museum)
  • Koscieliska st. - Krupowki st. (77 Krupowki st. Villa Slimak built in 1902, most likely according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz) - Zamoyskiego st - (25 Zamoyskiego street - villa Oksza, designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz in 1894)
  • Zamoyskiego st.- Bulwary Słowackiego st. (along the Bystra stream) - passing next to the wooden Bernardine church of the St. Anthony (beautiful Christmas crib can be admired here at the end of the year) - turn to the left - Karlowicza st (1 Karlowicza Street - charming, tiny, wooden chapel, designed by Stanislaw Witkiewicz in 1907)
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA WALK of approx.3 km (both ways) - along the Balzera Street to Jaszczurowka to see the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Jaszczurówka Chapel - on the picture) built in Zakopane Style between 1904 and 1907, according to the Stanislaw Witkiewicz design - back to the Karlowicza Street
  • Droga na Antałówke st. - ( 1 Koziniec st. Pod Jedlami Villa (on the picture), an impressive house designed by St. Witkiewicz in 1897) - Droga na Antalowke
  • Broniewskiego st (lovely view on High Tatras) - Chalubinskiego st - Witkiewicza st
  • FINISH: Krupowki Street (or in the nice cafe Samanta at Witkiewicza st)

Strazyska Valley


approx. 3-4 hrs / moderate difficulty / available all year round

A nice walk through lower forests of the Tatra Mountains. From a bottom of ski jumping hill, through picturesque White Water Valley, to the Sarnia Skala - a rocky view point at 1377 m a.s.l. Then a fairly steep descent to the picturesque Strążyska Valley (there is a hut offering warm drinks and food) and a pleasant walk down the valley (on the picture) to Strążyska Street, which leads to the city centre.

In winter, the trail can be very slippery - you will need appropriate hiking boots and trekking poles

Strazyska Valley


approx. 4-5 hrs / challenging / not recommended in winter

Two summits (Kopieniec 1328 and Nosal 1206 m a.s.l.) both with a beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane valley. Nice valleys, lovely forest and meadows, huge karst spring, clear river – beauty of the nature. From the center of Zakopane, walk through Bulwary Słowackiego Street, along the Bystra Stream to the entrance of the trail leading to Nosal. Steep ascent to the peak of Nosal (panoramic view of the Tatra Mountains) and steep descent from the summit (be careful!) and then a picturesque walk to the Olczyska Valley. You can go down through the Valley to Jaszczurówka (a district of Zakopane) or go up to the next peak offering great views - Kopieniec. You descend from Kopieniec through the forest to Cyrhla (a district of Zakopane) and by a minibus return to the city center.