What is the nearest airport to Zakopane?

The nearest airport to Zakopane is Krakow Balice airport located 100km far from Zakopane, the second one is Katowice Pyrzowice (200km far from Zakopane). There is also an airport in Poprad (Slovakia) situated lesst than 80km far from Zakopane. More information about the airports is available here: Zakopane Airport Transfers and how to get to Zakopane.

How long does it take to get to Zakopane from the Airport?

The route from the Krakow Balice airport to the centre of Zakopane is 114 km and in good conditions, the journey takes less than 2 hours. Unfortunately, there are often traffic jams on the road and the journey time is significantly longer, exceeding even 4 or 5 hours.

When do the ski resorts open?

The ski slopes are usually open from the half of December until the half or even end of March. If only there is enough snow ski piste on Kasprowy Wierch may be open until the May 3th (it is quite popular among Poles to finish the ski season on Kasprowy Wierch during the long weekend in May). Notice please that this is the slope for intermediate and advanced skiers only. Click here for detailed information about SKIING and SNOWBOARDING in and near Zakopane.

How much snow is it in general around the new year and is there any good chance for downhill skiing then?

usually, there is plenty of snow, at least on the slopes in Zakopane and neighboring villages (man-made snow). The best place for advanced skiers is Kasprowy Wierch but I can't promise the slopes on Kasprowy are open already at the New Year period. Kasprowy is located in Tatra National Park and artificial snow is forbidden there. They need more than 1,5 m of snow to open the slopes there. See also Things to do in Zakopane during Christmas and New Year.

Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to ride with a mountain bike inside the Tatra? I know it's forbidden into the national park but what about the rest of the Tatra? I'd like to go from shelter to shelter by the differents trails, is it possible?

I'm sorry but all the Polish Tatras belong to the Tatra National Park. It's possible to ride to Murowaniec shelter (Hala Gasienicowa) and Chocholowska shelter. Click here to find more information about CYCLING IN TATRAS, ZAKOPANE AND NEIGHBORING VILLAGES.

Are there any church services in the Tatra Mountains?

There are four chapels offering services (every Sunday) in the Tatra National Park: the chapel of the Mother of God, the Queen of the Tatra National Park in Wiktorówki (services at 9.00, 11.00, 13.00), chapel in Polana Chocholowska (service at 13.00), the Albertine Brothers chapel in Kalatówki (service at 11.00), the Albertine Sisters chapel in Kalatówki (services at 9.00 and 17.00).

How do I get to the different ski resorts?

To get to one of the four ski stations in Zakopane you can take a taxi or public bus or minibus. To get to one of the several ski resorts near Zakopane you can take a public bus or minibus. I suggest going to the bus station a day before to check the time table. While you are already on the bus/minibus you should show the driver or some of the passenger the map with the ski resort you are going to and ask them to show you the best bus stop to get off.

Where can my dog accompany me?

Although dogs are not allowed in the Tatra National Park there are still plenty of nice places to walk your dog in Zakopane and the vicinity. You will find here more information about ZAKOPANE WITH DOGS.

What are the most characteristic plants and animals of the Tatras?

The most characteristic animals of the Tatras are mountain goats, marmots, deer, wild cats, lynx and brown bears. The most characteristic plants are stone pine, edelweiss and crocus

Where in Zakopane is the regional open-air market, and what time is it open?

The Zakopane's local market is situated at the bottom of the Gubalowka hillside and it is open from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. Click here to read more about LOCAL MARKET IN ZAKOPANE.

Is it possible to take a dog on the Kasprowy Wierch cable car?

No, dogs are not allowed in the cable car (or in the Tatra National Park). You can take your dog on the funicular to the Gubalowka Hill but the leash and muzzle are mandatory. Click here to read more about ZAKOPANE WITH DOGS.


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