Welcome in the highlander's home!

Helena Gasienica-Roj

My name is Helena Gąsienica-Roj and I come from the highlander's family. Besides, my family name proves it. In Zakopane is rather frequent to meet Gasienica- Caterpillar. My father was all his life and still is a in spite of his advanced age a man very keen on nature and mountain. He worked as a High Mountain Guide and mountain rescuer. My brother has taken the same way and today he works at TOPR- Tatra's rescuers' organisation. He travels a lot in the whole world since he is also a High Mountain Guide. As a Tatra Guide and Mountain Leader I will have a great pleasure to share my passion with you. I would be happy to lead you on the Tatra trails but I can also be your guide on hikes around Mont Blanc or during Pyrenees excursions. Our love of the region and big knowledge of the area will permit you to spend unforgettable moments. We would like to invite you to discover Zakopane and to experience the Tatra Mountains!

Welcome in the highlander's home!

by the Tatra Guide Helena Gasienica-Roj www.helena-sport.com

Poland is a very varied country. His history is always surprising for those who travel through Poland for the first time. For some travellers, this journey can become a real discovery.
You will find here a beautiful towns full of monuments, Baltic sea's amazing beaches, lakes, plains, forests and mountains.
Often, you will find in the middle of Europe the country full of contrasts and exotic.
During this trip we would like to invite you to the south of Poland, to the Tatra mountains. So be welcome in the highlander's home!

Like everywhere in the World the Polish highlander's culture is different from other regions. The specific environment where these people live from centuries, makes their language, customs and their architecture unique in Poland. From the very first moments of your arrival to Zakopane which is called sometimes Polish Chamonix, you will be delighted with the Tatra mountains scenery reminding the high mountains landscape. The smallest World's high mountain - this description fits very well to this mountain.

Zakopane 1940Zakopane 1940

You are in the Carpathian range and The Tatra Mountains is its highest elevation. Polish Tatras counts 175 km² of area. The rest of the massif is located in Slovakia. The whole Tatra's massif occupies 795 km². From both sides the mountain is protected by the Tatra National Park. The polish part of the park counts 212 km². This is one of the biggest polish national parks. The Tatra's chamois - la Rupicapra Tatrica is its emblem. Nevertheless, in this beautiful mountain you will find more than chamois. During the hikes you will have the occasion to meet marmots, deers, does. If you are really lucky you will walk on the wolf's or lynx's footprints. It is not unusual to see in the sky a royal eagle hunting. However, the animal whose presence will make you the most excited is a brown bear which you can find eating blueberries along the path. Nowadays there are about 60 specimens living in The Tatra Mountain.

The Tatra's chamois -  la Rupicapra TatricaThe Tatra's chamois - la Rupicapra Tatrica

The highest polish mountain is located in the Tatras. Its name is Rysy and measures 2499 meters above sea level. Still, in the Tatras you will find the highest summit in the Carpathian range - Gerlach at 2655 meters above sea level. Polish side of the National Park offers more than 275 km of marked trails. In Slovakian side you will find 651 km of paths. We would like to guide you there and offer some summertime walks and winter adventure like snowshoeing or ski touring.

Zakopane Krupowki Street

HELENA GASIENICA-ROJ - Tatra Guide and Mountain Leader

Helena Gasienica-Roj is an experienced, licensed Tatra Guide and Ski Instructor. She is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Helena can take you on a hiking or ski trip to the Polish or Slovakian Tatra Mountains, but you can also ask her to organize for you a trip to the Alps or the Pyrenees.