Zakopane in pictures


I'm going to post here amateur photos, mostly made by me, which show the charm of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, and vicinity. Probably not all photos will be pleasant, some may show sloppy and unattractive places, but characteristic for this corner of the world.

Zakopane Antalowka Hill

Zakopane Antalowka Hill

Antalowka is a small hill (940mnpm) located near the center of Zakopane, from which there is a wonderful view of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane and Gubalowka.

Antalówka can be reached on foot via the yellow trail, which starts at the very beginning of Bulwary Slowackiego street (just before the entrance to the Radisson hotel) or by car (horse carriage, bicycle, etc.) from Antalowka street. If someone wants to take a longer but very nice walk, can follow Smrekowa Street (starts just above the train station) to the very end, and then follow the path through fields and a small forest.


Giewont 1.895 masl

Mount Giewont

On the Giewont's top you can see a huge, iron cross (18m high), which was installed on August 19, 1901, by the inhabitants of Zakopane on the initiative of the Zakopane priest.

The tourist trail to Giewont is very crowded in the summer season. When planning a trip to Giewont, try to start it early in the morning.


Krupowki Promenade / winter

Zakopane Krupowki Promenade in winter

Krupówki Street (1100m long) is the very center of Zakopane. There are many restaurants, shops, bars and stalls. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Some say that Krupówki is the ugliest street in Poland, others admire it. Certainly it is one of the most famous Polish streets.


Ski tour in the Tatra National Park

ski tour in the Tatra National Park

Depending on your skiing skills, you can order a few hours of basic ski-touring lessons, a day trip with varying levels of difficulty, or several days of trekking with accommodation in mountain huts.

Every year ski touring become more and more popular in Poland, and the best area in our country for this demanding sport (hobby?) is the Tatra National Park.


Koscieliska Street

Zakopane horse-and-carriage

Koscieliska street is called the Zakopane Old Town - you can see beautiful old highlander's houses, visit the Koliba Museum, the Old Church and the cemetery

As a horse lover, I often take photos of horses when I walk around Zakopane


polish most famous goat Koziolek Matolek

Zakopane Koziolek Matolek

This pretty figure of the polish most famous goat Koziolek Matolek you can see in front of the Kornel Makuszyński's Museum at 15 Tetmajera Street.

Koziołek Matołek (Matołek the Billy-Goat) is a fictional character created by Kornel Makuszyński (story) and Marian Walentynowicz (art) in one of the first and most famous Polish comics back in 1933. It became a cult classic, popular since its creation till today, and becoming an important part of the canon of Polish children's literature.