Zakopane in spring

Springtime in Zakopane - blooming crocuses

crocuses and Mount Giewont

Spring in Zakopane is famous for beautifully blooming crocuses. The whole meadows become purple for a few days and look beautifully on a background of white, snow-covered Tatra Mountains. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the date when crocuses will bloom because the spring weather in Zakopane and the Tatras is unpredictable (see photos below).
The best places in Zakopane and the surrounding area where you can admire blooming crocuses are:
Dolina Chocholowska / Chocholowska Valley
Dolina Olczyska / Olczyska Valley

Springtime in Zakopane - winter or summer?

Rowien Krupowa 03 April 2018

Spring is probably the least predictable season in the mountains. One year in April the temperature exceeds 15C (on the picture above Rowien Krupowa 03 April 2018), and another in the same period we have in Zakopane 20 centimetres of fresh snow (on the picture below Rowien Krupowa 01 April 2012).

Rowien Krupowa 01 April 2012

Springtime in Zakopane - things to do

horse and carriage ride in the Chocholowska Valley

Tourist attractions available in Zakopane from the end of March to the end of June:
1. SKIING - ski slopes on Kasprowy Wierch (red / black runs only!) are usually open until the end of April;
2. Rafting on the traditional, wooden rafts through the Dunajec Gorge is available from the 1st of April;
3. most of the hiking trails in the Tatra National Park are open through the winter and spring is the best time for ski touring;
4. Kasprowy Wierch cable car and Gubalowka funicular are open all year round;
5. Horse-drawn carriage rides in Zakopane and the Tatra National Park;
6. Quad-bike tours;
7. Thermal baths near Zakopane are open all year round;
Activities which are not available in the springtime: sleigh rides, husky rides and snowmobile rides are usually available only until the first days of March.