Zakopane in winter


It is impossible to be bored in Zakopane in winter! The town offers many various attractions. In the winter, apart from skiing and snowboard, the most popular are torchlight sleigh rides, snow scooter rides, husky dog sledding, ice skating and cross-country skiing. Regardless of what kind of active relaxation you prefer, you are sure to find it in Zakopane this winter.

Zakopane in Winter - skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides...

sleigh ride in the Tatra National Park

Ski-lifts are in service from early morning hours to late evening hours. Around almost all of them there are instructors waiting, ready to teach a little or a big lover of winter sports how to ski or snowboard. In the central part of the town there are ice rinks with skate rental. Skating with family or friends is lots of fun for all ages.

The Dolinki Reglowe (valleys) are very inviting places for romantic walks, as the Tatra National Park covered in snow, with its multitude of snow-capped spruces, is most beautiful. In the Dolina (valleys) Chocholowska (on the picture above) or Kościeliska an alternative to walking is a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. It is really warm under a sheepskin and the joyful sound of the bells hanging on the horse's neck make the ride more attractive.

Zakopane in Winter - snowmobile rides, husky rides, ski touring

snowmobile ride in Zakopane

Zakopane has some great ideas for those who are looking for something more exhilarating. A snowmobile rides and expeditions (on the picture above)through the Podhale forests and fields will certainly be unforgettable. Especially when it finishes at the door of a regional inn where they serve mead and toasted smoked sheep's cheese. When there is not enough snow or when the snow is too hard it is better to choose a quad tour. Quads have no problems with rough terrain, streams or even shallow rivers. The tracks around Zakopane offer exceptionally attractive landscapes.

Children are sure to fall in love with friendly husky dogs, which pull their sleds barking joyfully. The driver stands on the runners, leaving the passengers to sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Visitors to Zakopane who prefer peace and quiet, far from the crowded ski runs, the noise of jets and quads and the barking of huskies, should try their hand at ski-touring. This sport is becoming more and more popular and even expert guides from Chamonix, enchanted by our mountains, return to us every year with new groups of lovers of the sport. A ski-touring trekking, which can last several days, led by a professional guide who is often also a ski instructor, is a wonderful way of spending time. The route runs through the Tatra National Park and overnight accommodation is booked in mountain chalets.

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