2024 New Year's Eve party


This 2024 New Year's Eve party with night sleigh ride and midnight bonfire is organized in a cozy, family-run, regional inn beautifully situated on the edge of the Tatra National Park, just before the entrance to the Chocholowska Valley. The event is organized by my friends Anna and Piotr, who have been running the Podhale Travel Travel Agency in Zakopane for many years.


2024 New Year's party with a sleigh ride, bonfire, dinner and dancing

The New Year's Eve party will take place in this cozy, family-run, regional inn Gazdowka u Zajaca, beautifully situated on the edge of the Tatra National Park, just before the entrance to the Chochołowska Valley:

Gazdowka u Zajaca - family run regional inn
Gazdowka u Zajaca family-run, regional inn

New Year's Eve Party program:

December 31, 2023 / Sunday
19:30 – bus transfer from the center of Zakopane to the Chochołowska Valley
20:00 – start of the New Year's Eve party at the Regional Inn Gazdowka u Zająca on Siwa Polana Valley at the entrance to the Chocholowska Valley, 15km far from Zakopane
approx. 22.00 - approx. one-hour ride with torches on a 4-person horse-drawn sleigh in the Chocholowska Valley on the route: Siwa Polana - Huciska - Siwa Polana
MIDNIGHT – welcoming the New Year 2024 by a bonfire in the clearing – small fireworks show ,
at 1 a.m, 2 a.m, 3 a.m and 4 a.m will be organized return transfers to the center of Zakopane (the area of Lower Krupówki or another nearby place on the route depending on the traffic situation)

sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley
sleigh ride in the Chocholowska Valley

New Year's Eve dinner menu:

I. Warm dish (to start): boletus soup with noodles, duck leg in sauce with dumplings, red cabbage, sweet cranberries, and meringue with fruit, coffee/tea
II. Warm dish (after midnight): goulash soup with vegetables, cold plate (highlander table: cold cuts and regional cheeses, baked meats, pickled cucumbers, marinated mushrooms, home-made lard, salad with roasted grains, poultry jellies, bundz cheese with tomatoes and pesto, highlander sushi, bread.
Drinks included in the event price: 0.5l of vodka per couple/2 adults*, a glass of sparkling wine to welcome the New Year, unlimited cold and warm non-alcoholic drinks!
* additional alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the bar at an affordable price

welcoming the New Year by a bonfire
welcoming the New Year 2024 by a bonfire


PARTY PRICE: 650 PLN per person
children up to 18 years old (without alcoholic drinks): 600 PLN per person
The price includes: dinner according to the menu given above, sleigh ride in the Chochołowska Valley, bonfire, small fireworks show, live music (music band), bus or minibus transfers Zakopane - Gazdowka u Zajaca - Zakopane.
There are 4 seats in each sleigh, an additional fee of PLN 90 applies for each unoccupied seat. So if you want to go in a sleigh with three people - you pay an extra PLN 90, if you want to book one sleigh just for two persons - you pay an extra PLN 180. In my opinion, it is worth paying the extra amount to avoid arguments while taking seats in the sleigh,
the event is planned for approx. 45-65 people in a two-story regional inn at the tables for 4, 6 and 10 people,
evening outfit is not required - we suggest casual tourist/everyday clothes,
in case of lack of snow, the sleigh will be replaced by horse-drawn carriages (for 4 people each).

BOOKING: Tourist Office PODHALE TRAVEL, Zakopane, 12 Kościuszki street, tel: +48 18 20 70 444, mobile: +48 608 68 29 29,e-mail: info(@)podhaletravel.pl

Gazdowka u Zajaca
Gazdowka u Zajaca regional-inn

If you like the program, I suggest contacting the organizers as early as possible to reserve seats at a table on the ground floor