practical information on the town of Zakopane and the region (since 2003)
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cottages for rent in Zakopane and the vicinity

Recommended walks in Zakopane

chair lift Szymoszkowa

ROUTE 1: a must on a sunny day (aprox. 2-3 hrs.):

  • START: Krupówki
  • taking the funicular up the Gubałówka hill - walk along the top rigde (2km)
  • taking the chair lift down the Polana Szymoszkowa (on the picture)
  • back to the town along the Powstańców Śląskich street
  • then along Kościeliska street - visiting the Zakopane Style Museum in Villa Koliba (closed on Mon and Tue)
  • visiting the oldest church in Zakopane and the old cemetary
  • FINISH: Krupówki

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Koziołek Matołek

ROUTE 2: upper Zakopane (aprox. 3 hrs.)

  • START: Krupówki
  • Piłsudskiego street
  • at the crossroads with Tetmajera street - Kornel Makuszyński's Museum with a pretty figure of the polish most famous goat Koziolek Matolek (on the picture)
  • ski jumping hill Wielka Krokiew (possibility of going up to the top with a lift and admiring the views over the town)
  • walking along the Ścieżka Pod Reglami path to the entry of the Białego Valley
  • then along Grunwaldzka street (on the right in the Town Park Culture Center Jutrzenka with an interesting exhibition of the children's works of art - mainly traditional local techniques of glass painting, available for sale)
  • further Orkana and Kasprusie streets with Karol Szymanowski's museum at Villa Atma
  • Kościeliska street and FINISH: Krupówki

Jaszczurówka chapel

ROUTE 3: following Stanislaw Witkiewicz (aprox. 4-5hrs.)

  • START: Krupówki
  • Zamoyskiego st.- Witkiewicza st.- Bulwary Słowackiego st. (along the Bystra stream)
  • climbing up the Nosal (1.206m) - hiking down to Olczyska Valley with water springs
  • Jaszczurówka - a 1907 chapel designed by Stanisław Witkiewicz (on the picture)
  • Balzera st. - Droga na Koziniec (Willa pod Jedlami/ Pod Jedlami Villa, a house designed by St. Witkiewicz)
  • Droga na Antałówkę - Antałówka (lovely view on High Tatras)
  • follow the yellow marked tracks near the Panorama pension
  • Jagiellonska street - Witkiewicza street (cafe Samanta)
  • FINISH: Krupówki

Kościeliska Valley

ROUTE 4: Two biggest valleys of the Western Tatras (aprox. 5/7 hrs.)

  • START: bus station at Kościuszki street - taking the bus to Kiry in Kościelisko
  • Kościeliska Valley (on the picture) - optional the horse and carriage ride (aprox. 150PLN)
  • shelter in Ornak (apple-pie)- back the same way through the Kościeliska or
  • hard, 2,5 hrs. hiking through Iwaniacka Pass to Chochołowska Valley
  • down the Chochołowska Valley to the parking on Siwa Polana (one can rent a bike from the rental in the upper Chocholowska to ride down the valley)
  • taking the bus from the bus stop at Siwa Polana back to Zakopane

Zakopane from Ścieżka nad Reglami

ROUTE 5: Strążyska Valley and Polana Kalatówki (aprox. 4-5 hrs)

  • START: Krupówki
  • Strążyska st.
  • Strążyska Valley (very pretty one)with small shelter offering drinks and meals
  • Ścieżka nad Reglami path with nice view on Zakopane(on the picture)- Kalatówki Valley
  • Mountain Hotel Kalatówki (nice restaurant)
  • Kuźnice - Przewodników Tatrzańskich st. - Chałubińskiego st. - Zamoyskiego st.
  • FINISH: Krupówki

Morskie Oko Lake

ROUTE 6: Morskie Oko - the most popular destination (aprox. 5/6 hrs)

  • START: bus station at Kościuszki st. - taking the bus to Palenica Białczańska (we suggest to start early morning, before 8am to avoid hiking in the crowd)
  • walk up to Morskie Oko lake (8km on the traumac road)
  • walk around the lake - (optional: walk up to the next lake Czarny Staw nad Morskim Okiem +1 hour)
  • back the same way