practical information on the town of Zakopane and the region
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BIKE TRIPS in Zakopane and the area:

Mountain biking in Zakopane - practical information:

Biking on the territory of the Tatra National Park is permitted only on roads and trails made available for this purpose! These are as follows:

  • Pod Reglami road: from the ski jump Wielka Krokiew to the Siwa Polana meadow in Chocholowska Valley.
    Notice please that this is very popular walking patch and can be very busy during a day time. We do recommend it in the mornings, especially for those who likes to follow the next road:
  • The road in Chocholowska Valley: from Siwa Polana meadow to Polana Chcocholowska refuge.
    There is a mtb rental at the entrance to Chocholowska Valley. There are also the bikes with baby chairs available.
  • The road from Kuźnice district to Polana Kalatowki Mountain Hotel
    This road is very busy, steep and with stony surface.
  • The road from the Sucha Woda Valley to Murowaniec refuge on the Hala Gasienicowa meadow. Quite difficult one but not as busy as the one to Kalatowki. And much longer. The best option for those who would like to spend a night in the mounyains (Murowaniec refuge).

Our favourite routs for the bike trips around Zakopane: