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Dunajec Gorge rafting


- this is a full day trip to the Pieniny Mountains (50 km far from Zakopane) that visits some of the most popular attractions of the local area with relaxing rafting trip on the traditional, wooden rafts down the Dunajec river.
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rafting through the Dunajec Gorge

A current view from the webcamera in the rafting station in Sromowce:

Dunajes river rafting station in Pieniny Mountains


What should we take with us on the raft?

We suggest to take a bottle of water, a snack, protection from the sun and rain, a hat and...something comfortable to sit on (a jacket or sweater).

Do raftsmen speak English?

Some of them speak English but most of them don't.

When should I book?

If you are going to book a guided trip we suggest to let us know well in advance (it is not so easy to find available English speaking guide). For the other trips booking a day or two before should be enough.

Is Dunajec river rafting dangerous?

No, it definitely isn't

Is the Dunajec river raft trip recommended for kids?

We believe that children over 5, 6 years enjoy the trip but for younger it can be hard to seat on one place for 2,5 hours.

When is the best time of year to go rafting?

Rafting season runs from 1 April to 31 October. In our opinion the best time for Dunajec river rafting is between beginning of June and a half of September.

How long is the trip?

Traditional rafting takes approximately 2,5 hours (18 km), while pontoon rafting takes 1,5 - 2 hrs (13 km)

What sort of clothes are recommended for the pontoon rafting?

In warm days t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and an old pair of sneakers are sufficient. Don't forget dry clothes to change after rafting.

Do pontoon rafting instructors speak English?

Yes, they do.

What is the minimum age for the pontoon rafting?

Kids over 7 years can join the pontoon rafting if they are accompanied by at least four adults (or two adults and two teenagers over 150 cm of height).