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horse and carriages ride in Koscieliska Valley
HORSE & CARRIAGE RIDES in the TATRA NATIONAL PARK - during your stay in Zakopane you should try a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Chocholowska Valley. Our rides are organized individually, on a day and hour chosen by the clients! There are no limits in the number of participants required to organize our rides. We organize our trips for individual tourists as well as for the large groups.
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horse & carriage ride in the Tatra National Park

taxi or minibus picks you up straight from your hotel and drive through the Zakopane and Kościelisko to the entrance of the Chocholowska Valley, where you will start your horse and carriage ride along the whole Valley. After one hour ride you will have 30-40 minutes break for a tasty snack served in the mountain refuge (an apple pie and tea or coffee). The coachman will wait for you near the mountain refuge... After you come back to the carriage you will have a lovely, fast (a little bit bumpy) ride down the valley, to the parking where your driver will wait to drive you back to the hotel.
Price including: transfers, 2 hours of horse and carriage ride, Tatra National Park entrance fee, coffee or tea and an apple pie with blueberries served in the mountain refuge
1 person (1 carriage) - 500 PLN2 persons (1 carriage) - 520 PLN3 persons (1 carriage) - 540 PLN
family 2 adults and 2 children (1 carriage) - 590 PLN;
family 2 adults and 3 children (at least one kid under 3) (1 carriage) - 600 PLN
4 persons (2 carriages) - 850 PLN 5 persons (2 carriages) - 870 PLN6 persons (2 carriages) - 890 PLN
7 persons (3 carriages) - 1250 PLN 8 persons (3 carriages) - 1270 PLN9 persons (3 carriages) - 1290 PLN
BOOKING: to book the ride fill out a booking form below please;
Required DEPOSIT: from 250 PLN depends on the number of people


What time is recommended to start the ride?

We hardly recommend to start this tour early morning (suggested pick up time from the hotel between 8.00 and 9.00am) to get to the valley, which is a very popular one, before all the crowds.

Should we expect any extra fees?

No, all the obligatory fees are included but you can of course buy some extra meals in the mountain refuge or smoked sheep's cheese in bacowka.

Does your offer is the cheapest one in Zakopane?

No, it isn't, but we hope it's the best one:)

Will any other people will ride with us in our carriage?

No, the carriage will be rented exclusively.

Do the coachmen speak English?

Some of the coachman speak basic English and we are doing our best to employ them for our sleigh rides.