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Tatra Mountains
on Lomnickie Sedlo pass


Slovakia's Tatra National Park was set aside in 1949 and protects 79ha of the High Tatras range.(...) Visitors have been coming to Slovak High Tatras since the late 19th century, when spa or health resorts were founded, first at Strebske Pleso, tehn Stary Smokovec and Tatranska Lomnica. Some 600km/370miles of signposted and waymarked paths and trils bring the valleys, with their beautiful lakes, and some of the peaks within reach of reasonably fit walkers.

by Sandra Bardwell for Sunflower Landscapes

During the winter many skiers and snowboarders can enjoy skiing in High Tatras - on the slopes in Tatranska Lomnica, Stary Smokovec and Strbske Pleso.

Worth knowing: the highest peak of the whole Tatra Mountains is Mt. Gerlach (Gerlachovsky Śtit) 2.655m;
Most of the tourist tracks in Slovak Tatra National Park are closed from the 1st November to 15th of June.

Useful information from the Slovak Tatra National Park website
The following tracks are reserved for the alpine skiing

  1. Zverovka - Spalena;
  2. Madajka;
  3. Ziarska dolina;
  4. Rackova dolina;
  5. Podbanske;
  6. Strbske Pleso - Interski, Esicko, Solisko;
  7. Smokovec - Hrebienok, Jakubkova luka, and the slope behind the hotel Bellevue;
  8. Tatranska Lesna;
  9. Tatranska Lomnica - Jamy, Start, Cucoriedky;
  10. Skalnate pleso - Lomnicke sedlo;
  11. Zdiar - Strednica;
  12. Tatranska javorina - Gombosi vrch.

The following tracks are reserved for the cross-country skiing

  1. Official cross-country tracks around the hotel FIS at Strbsle Pleso;
  2. Tracks in the area of Spalena;
  3. Tracks around the village Stola;
  4. Tourist tracks;
  5. Tracks in wooded areas.

All tourist tracks and tracks in the woods are deemed to be appropriate for cross-country skiing subject to good snow conditions and seasonal closure restrictions as per the Notice no. 3 above. Pedestrians have always the right of way on all of these tracks.

The National Park offers the following tracks for public cycling

  1. Lysa Polana - up to the chalet in Bielovodska dolina.
  2. Biela voda - chalet at Zelene pleso.
  3. Kezmarske Zlaby - Mlynceky.
  4. The circle from the cable car station in Tatranska Lomnica to the cable car station 'Start'.
  5. The circle above Eurocamp.
  6. Stara Lesna - Tatranska Lomnica.
  7. Stary Smokovec - Hrebienok.
  8. The circle above Nova Lesna.
  9. The circle Nova Lesna - Stara Lesna.
  10. Dolny Smokovec - Zakovska polana - Gerlachov.
  11. Novy Smokovec from the tram stop Sibir - Zakovska polana - Gerlachov.
  12. Tatranska Polianka - Sliezsky dom.
  13. Vysne Hagy - up to the chalet in the village Stola.
  14. Nova Polianka - Stola.
  15. Tram stop Popradske pleso up to the hotel at Popradske pleso.
  16. Podbanske - Koprova dolina.
  17. Podbanske - Ticha dolina.
  18. Pribylina - Ziarska dolina.
  19. The beginning of Ziarska dolina - up to the chalet in Ziarska dolina.
  20. Zuberec - Rohacska dolina.
  21. Zverovka - Latana dolina.
  22. Zuberec - Habovka - Oravica.

Tracks stated in the items 1 - 22 are reserved for cycling purposes subject to the restrictions stipulated in the Notice no. 3, A and B above and the speed limit of 15-20km/hr.